Friday, February 24, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Burlap Bunting Banner

My husband goes out of town often and while he's away I like to host girls' nights.  Usually everyone brings some food item and we all sit and chat, but this last time I decided to do a craft night and we all made St. Patrick's Day bunting banners.  I LOVE mine and wanted to share how we made them.

Supply List:
Gold Dot Burlap
Cream Burlap (or whatever other color you're wanting to use).
Green Paint
Green Yarn
Small Hole Punch
Painters Tape
Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Template (Click HERE for a template for the triangle and shamrock)

Just so you're aware the gold dot burlap is a bit more expensive than normal burlap.  On sale it was still $9/yard at Joanns.  Good thing you don't need too much for one bunting banner eh?  The triangles we made were about 7 1/4" tall and 6 1/2" wide to give you an idea of their size and how much fabric you need.

First you'll need to cut your triangles.  A little tip for cutting burlap in a straight line is to find one thread (in this case at 7 1/4") and pull it out.
 Then you're left with a perfectly straight light to cut along.  Amazing right?  You're welcome :)

After your triangles are cut, the next step is to paint your cream burlap.  I wanted a combo of stripes and shamrocks for mine, but feel free to mix it up and do whatever combo you want.  Total I had 6 gold dot triangles, 3 striped and 2 shamrock triangles.

For the shamrock, I simply printed it off on cardstock paper.  Used scissors to cut it out and then dabbed the paint on with a foam brush.  Make sure you have something under your fabric because the paint WILL go through to the other side.

Line your triangles up like this to save you some time and to make all of your stripes even.
 Using painters tape, make your stripes.  I had my painted lines 1" thick.  I found adding the tiiiiniest bit of water to the paint helped it go on a bit easier.
Allow the paint to dry and chat with your friends.  I also like to use a blowdryer to help speed up the drying process cause I'm impatient.

Using a small hole punch, put holes in the top two corners of the triangles.  Then thread the yard (you could also use twine or ribbon) through the holes.  Put a bit of tape at the end of your yard to help you get it through the holes.  I personally liked the look of having the green yard showing in front of the triangles, but you could put them behind if you prefer to hide it.

 Hang it and admire your cute adorable new decor!

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