Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Healthy" Ice Cream

Need to drown your election sorrows with some ice cream? I just found out about Halo Top Ice Cream and it's pretty darn good for being "healthy ice cream" the gal on Our Best Bites was raving about it so I had to give it a try.  Where I live, it's only carried at Rosauers in the natural section (not the normal ice cream area).  You can find out where they sell it near you HERE .  They only had a few flavors when I went the other night.  I got strawberry which is just okay and then birthday cake which I enjoyed quite a bit (when I go to Coldstone I ALWAYS get cake batter with sprinkles).  I actually ate the whole pint in one sitting 🙈 but hey it was only 280 calories right!?! Rosauers also had vanilla, chocolate (which I heard is no bueno) and lemon cake. I've heard good things about the lemon cake and look forward to trying it out.  I'm hoping at some point they get oatmeal cookie, mint chip and peanut butter cup which seem to be everyone's favs.  I will warn you that they aren't cheap, but for an occasional special treat I think it's worth it.  I recommend letting the pint sit on the counter for a few minutes so the texture becomes more creamy rather than grainy.  I'm seriously wishing I had some right about now, but alas I'm stuck at home with my son who has the stomach flu :(

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